Annotated Shelf

Powerful, Lightweight, Fast development, Easy to learn

Annotated Shelf is a powerful and lightweight Dart library for generating REST APIs using annotations. Based on the Shelf Library. Providing a simple and intuitive interface for building APIs fast, efficiently, and easily without losing what the Shelf Library can offer.

Some advantages you can get from this library:

@Fast development:Coding with annotations can potentially improve development speed, as it can help automate tasks and reduce the amount of boilerplate code.

@Bugs reduction:Providing automatic validation of request parameters and error responses based on exceptions.

@Standards: Annotations are a standard way of providing metadata, offering a common and consistent approach to creating endpoints.

@Easy to Learn: A working REST API in minutes.

@Streamlining the development: It uses Dart language. Letting the developers focus on building APIs quickly and easily eliminates the need for developers to hop between languages.

@Integration with other libraries: works seamlessly with other popular Dart libraries, such as json_serializable.

@No extra CLI: Annotated shelf does not require any extra command-line interface (CLI) tools or utilities to be installed. It can be used directly in your code without any external dependencies.

@No generated files imported: With annotated shelf, there is no need to import any generated files or code. The library provides a simple, concise syntax for defining API endpoints directly in your code.